Advisor System

Securities AdvisorStation™

SAS is an internet based application that allows your advisors to view their commission, client and trade data through your web site.  SAS acts as an add-on to your web site allowing your advisors to connect using a secured login and password.  Advisors connected to SAS will be able to view their individual data for all rep numbers including split numbers.  OSJ’s or branch managers will have access to their individual data as well as data for advisors assigned to them, allowing for enhanced supervisory capabilities.

Key Features:

Overview – The dashboard layout of this home page includes YTD production and monthly graphs, current and prior period production, check amounts, YTD paid commissions and individual rep alerts.

Commissions – The Commission section allows the advisor to view current and prior commission statements along with the trade detail and adjustment records that are contained on each commission statement.

Accounts – The Accounts section includes client registration, suitability, trade, position, balance and history information.  The advisor has the ability to search a variety of data using different parameters.

Trades – The Trade section allows advisors to search for trades by using a trade date range. The advisor can also search for all trades, clearing firm trades, application-way trades and trails.

Reports – The Reports section contains several production reports, trade blotters, client reports and licensing reports.

All information contained in SAS can be printed directly from the screen being viewed or saved as an Excel spreadsheet.